July 20, 2015

The Week Begins

:: Ahhh :) Watching So You Think You Can Dance right now! The recording worked this week!!

:: Tonight for dinner, I made pork tacos (a swap meal) and they were quite yummy! I have never made a pork roast, and cooking it in the crock pot was so easy! It was tender and so good topped with our favorite taco toppings.

:: I've made some good progress in the The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up -- from what I can gather so far, it is a process of going through all of your house, step by step, and keeping only what you love. The first step is discarding. It doesn't go room by room -- it goes by category. So, you collect everything in one category from all rooms of the house, and go through it all. Then, keep only what you love. She has you start with clothing, because it is easiest to go through and give up. It is broken into categories within that, and so I started with swimsuits/coverups today because that was the smallest grouping. Had some success there! The key of the whole process is to streamline down to only things that bring you joy. Remove clutter. There are some interesting concepts, where she treats clothing like they have feelings ;) Where we should thank them for their service to us, and let them rest when we are not wearing them. Hmmm. She also recommends folding almost everything (instead of hanging) -- I just don't have space for that. We don't have a dresser! I'll pick and choose, maybe, what I want to try! Next up -- socks!

:: Of course, when Chris saw what I was reading, he asked, "Is the next book called The Life-changing Magic of CLEANING"???? I expected that. :)

:: It was a fairly crazy afternoon, so I think some wine is in order, and some relaxing...

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