July 05, 2015

Warning!! Crazy Week Ahead!

Hello there!!

I hope that you all had a festive, fun, safe 4th of July!!!

For me, it seems life has gotten a little FULL lately...so I will need to ask for your patience with me! Not only do I have a few topics to blog about (Chris' 41st birthday, our weekend at the lake for the 4th), but the upcoming week is going to be insane for me. First of all, it is the week of our July Sales Meeting, when all of our sales managers come into town for a very intense week. It always ends up quite crazy and stressful. On top of that, we have a lot of personal, fun things going on, which is unusual for us!

: Monday: design reunion invitation for Kim
: Tuesday: Bunko!
: Wednesday: Dinner with Taylor and Shelby at their house
: Thursday: The Dig Gig (our annual summer work party)
: Friday: Game Nite at Kim's house, with three other couples
: Saturday: Two weddings on Saturday!

Whew...honestly, I am tired before any of it has begun. I will be saying a lot of prayers for PEACE and NO STRESS. Maybe you could say a few for me too!!??

I will fit a few blogs in this week when I am able. I don't know when that will be, and it most likely won't be everyday. Bear with me!

On top of all that, we also need to look into getting a new dishwasher because ours seems to have gone kaput -- which means, hand washing dishes in the midst of it all!! (My very least favorite thing!!!)

Real quick before I sign off -- if you could also say some prayers for Mimi's sister Pat...she went up to Amarillo today to spend a few days with her as she deals with the knowledge that she has cancer. She'll be going to the doctor this coming week to see what kind, where, and what stage. Lots of prayers needed here...thank you!!!

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