September 16, 2015

A Day for Fake Wine

:: Some days are not worth I will focus on some other things this evening!

:: Day 3 of Whole30 was good -- we are all struggling a bit with headaches and low energy. The first week is always tough, but it soon passes. After "one of those days" I was really wanting some I opened up a can of Schweppes black cherry sparkling water and poured it into a wine glass and I am enjoying that! It's actually yummy!

:: I discovered that Winkflash has their prints on sale for 50% off today, so I need to get my order put in! So glad I got a big batch ready over the weekend!!

:: Well, The Kite Runner picked up...and then went in a weird direction. What is this story about??

:: Chris is working on a house project...between our house and our shop, we are going to have a stone wall built! Chris is doing some prep work before the stone guy can begin. He dug a trench and is going to fill it in with concrete and rebar so the stone wall has support. We are having a coworker's husband create a custom metal gate - very excited about that! He is going to powder coat it, so he is going to do the same thing to our existing gate on our front courtyard. AND he is going to create a matching gate for our back patio so we can contain the pups when we are out there. Yippie! Improving our home one project at a time!

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