September 15, 2015

My Part of the World Today

:: This weather we are having is just glorious! It is crisp in the mornings and in the ready for Fall! It still gets up to the 90s during the day, but we can feel it. Fall is right around the corner! Sweaters and scarves!!

:: The Kite Runner picked up a bit last night...Chapter 7 finally got to the main plot event, and so now we will see where the story goes from here.

:: My boss, Jeff, came back to work today after his ankle surgery...he is on crutches and a little rolley scooter. His mobility is challenged for sure...and he can't drive because it is his right ankle. His wife is dropping him off in the mornings and picking him up in the evenings...and we've agreed to take him home for lunch each day because he lives on our route home. He's got a bit of recovery ahead of him...

:: Eddie stopped by this evening to visit Mimi -- he's going to stay in town tonight and take her to lunch and therapy tomorrow. It will be good for her to have a little time with him. She misses not being able to drive out to stay at his house.

:: Day 2 of Whole30 has gone very well! My eating was on point and I got a workout in. My girls are doing good too...I've got some who are already talking about the next 30 days...Whole60 anyone? Tonight for dinner, I had a yummy taco salad...mmm! I'm stuffed. And water logged!

:: That's all from my part of the world! Time for more reading...

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