September 14, 2015

Monday Never Fails

:: So You Think You Can Dance finale!!!!!!!!!!! So excited to see who wins! Team Jaja and Team Virgil! They redance their favorite dances of the season, and I hope hope hope that Jaja's alzheimer's dance is chosen. That was my favorite of the entire season. Who will win????

:: My Whole30 Challenge is going sooooo great so far! I am really loving my group of 13 girls. The support has already been incredible, and they are so interactive. Recipe share, tips, facts, I'm loving it. Today was Day 1. And it was successful! Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and since I worked out, I also had a pre-workout snack. Lots of water, some hot black tea, and a sparkling water. I'm quite full.

:: We've gotten started on a new house project...we are getting sod on both sides of our house! Currently, we only have sod in the front yard. The sides and the back are natural field grass. So we are looking forward to this giving us a more finished look. The landscaper came out this afternoon and cleared the land for the sod. Progress!

:: One of my team, Jyl, got a puppy!! A little Chihuahua named Daisy! :) She works remote from San Antonio, and she is coming up this Friday and bringing Daisy! I can't wait to meet her and hold her!

:: The Kite Runner is slow going...I haven't gotten into it yet. Need to spend some time on it tonight...

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