September 13, 2015

Weekend Wrapup

:: I really, really love weekends!

:: Friday evening, Chris and I had dinner at Mary's and then met up with my team at The Mill for some drinks. We accomplished some very big projects over the last two weeks, and we all wanted to celebrate a little bit! It was nice to relax and chat and sip on some wine together...very nice evening.

:: Saturday, Chris had some things to work on and Mimi went in to work for half a day to work in the I enjoyed a quiet house for a few hours! I worked on sizing photos because my last batch has been need of more! I watched Mean Girls, and then moved on to many, many episodes of Friends!! I am into Season 3 now!

:: Saturday evening, Chris took me to enjoy my "last hurrah" meal of choice! Wing Stop and Dairy Queen Blizzard!! Yum!! We also stopped at Michaels and PetSmart...then home to relax!

Lemon pepper classic wings, crack fries, and salted caramel truffle blizzard!
:: Sunday, after church we did the grocery shopping, and now I am doing laundry. I am also prepping my foods for the week -- boiled eggs, separated things into tupperware and ziploc bags, and I am soon going to make homemade mayo and ranch dressing. :)

:: I've got my first Whole30 meal plan all set up and I am ready to go! I have a great group of 13 women ready to start with me tomorrow, and it has been a lot of fun communicating with them all through our Facebook group. People are posting recipes and asking questions and getting their own prep work in this weekend. Tomorrow morning (Monday) we will each be weighing, and then we won't look at a scale for 30 days. I'm excited to see where my fifth Whole30 will take me and what it will teach me.

:: The week ahead is fairly quiet, yay!

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