September 10, 2015

Long Day Over

:: I'm up to 13 people now, in my Whole30 Challenge group! Very surprised that so many people have signed up, and can't wait to start on Monday!

:: Our big meeting went well today, and now we will put the plan we proposed into action!

:: I made beef stroganoff this evening, and I do say that I think it was my best ever. So yummy!

:: I'm making my way through The Kite Runner...I don't feel that I've gotten into the meat of it yet, so we shall see. I'm on Chapter 5. I'm not sure yet what the story is about.

:: Football started this evening, and Chris is excited! He has a fantasy football league again this year, so we shall see how that turns out for him.

:: We made some good progress on a big project at work today, and it makes me realize what an amazing team I have! I love my team!

:: I'm very glad for Friday...the weekend is much needed! Friday evening, we may head to The Mill for end of week drinks with my team, and beyond that the weekend is open. I am going to have a final go-all-out meal and I'm not sure yet, but it will most likely include lemon pepper wings and crack fries from Wing Stop, and a Blizzard from Dairy Queen!!

:: Not sure what my evening holds, but I am ready to go embrace it!


KB said...

What's the challenge about?

Kelley said...

Hi KB! The Whole30 is a way of eating that is meant to restore you body to health! Check it out here at

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