September 09, 2015


It is Wednesday and my brain lacks function this evening. Two crazy days = the need for relaxing. I think I shall finish up here and do some reading. Maybe. Or maybe I'll stare at the wall!

:: Update on Chris -- he has been slowly bringing his running back. He does about a mile and a half at a time, at a slow pace. He's just getting his body used to it again. He has no pain when he runs! He hasn't been able to say that in 4 years! His body is still a bit sore afterwards, so he isn't running everyday. Things are moving along well there! He is very happy to be back at it.

:: Update on Mimi -- she is healing. It is a slow process and she is getting cabin fever big time. But, she gets out every day or so for water therapy. Her Eddie is trying to get out to visit her this weekend, so I hope that happens. That would cheer her up!

:: Update on Aspen -- she is working full time at an apartment leasing company in town. She is still living in her apartment with her two dogs and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend just started his Senior year of high school. Seems they are doing well and life is going well. We don't hear a lot from her.

:: Update on Scrapbooking -- I have a huge box of preplanned layouts ready to go! We are having our September crop on the 26th, and I am looking forward to it. Sophia is going to host at our house. Can't wait! I did buy a few albums and put all of my layouts away. So now it's time to make more!

:: Update on Whole30 -- my group is up to 11 now! Still time to join in the fun if you so desire, just let me know! I feel so much better when I have gone through the program and I have myself under control. I am excited to get back to that. I currently have zero energy, I'm tired and sluggish. I've gained about 15 pounds and about 1/4 of my clothing still fits. Finding something to wear to work each morning is becoming frustrating. I'm ready.

:: Update on The 100 -- we can't find the Season 2 episodes anywhere! :( They aren't out on Netflix yet. I found the site, but they only have full episodes of the final 5 episodes. The others are only the highlights. Not sure what that is about!

:: Update on work -- tomorrow, a coworker and I will be having a meeting with a client, so that should be interesting! Please say some prayers that all goes well with that. We aren't "presenting" per se, so it is a bit less stressful for me. It will be some good discussions, going over our capabilities and plan for their firm.

And that is all the updates I currently have :) 

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