September 08, 2015

Short Weeks are Tough

:: Oh Tuesdays that are really Mondays + Tuesdays...whew. That will wear you out right there. The day was insane and that is putting it mildly. I ended up working until 6:00. Hopefully tomorrow will be slightly better, but we have two huge projects happening simultaneously and that equals stress.

:: I'm currently watching the finale performances of SYTYCD that were on yesterday...can't wait to see them all! #teamjaja #teamvirgil I'm not sure I understand why the two stage dancers were able to dance contemporary together (their style) but the two street dancers had to do contemporary also (not their style)?? That didn't seem fair. They should have been able to do a street dance. :(

:: We had a great Labor Day evening -- we had dinner over at the Smith's house. Nadene made a delicious chicken/asparagus casserole and some homemade tropical ice cream...I took a salad and some garlic bread. It was all yummy, and we had a great evening hanging out with them. Such a lovely couple that blesses our life.

:: We finished The 100 -- we need season 2!!! But it isn't out on Netflix yet. :( Booo. However, I think I found another place we can watch it!! Have to get caught up so we can watch season 3 when it comes out.

:: I've started a Book Journal scrapbook and I am excited! I'm going to put a photo of the book cover and a few of my thoughts on the book. With being a part of the book club now, there are definitely a few that should have a lot of thoughts :) This will just be a fun documentary to look back on later.

:: I've got a group of 9 about to start the Whole30 on Monday, September 14! Yay!! 

:: That's about it for now! No more brain power!

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