September 07, 2015

Kon Marie and Labor Day

So far, it's been a wonderful three-day weekend!

:: Friday evening, Chris and I went to game night at the Halfmann's, and it was so much fun! We really enjoyed ourselves and laughed so much! They made us a delicious dinner of lasagna, chicken spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread...and then we played Loaded Question. Lots and lots of laughter!

:: Saturday, Chris and I ran some errands and had lunch at Moe's. I also worked on a few Kon Marie decluttering projects! I went through all of my books, and also all of my toiletries.

This is the full pile of all my books -- don't be completely dismayed, because that is a mirror behind them so it looks twice as big! I went through each book, and only kept it if I loved it. I basically kept the Twilight series (don't judge), the Harry Potter series (don't judge), To Kill a Mockingbird, Love Story, Captivating, and a few others. Feels so good to purge these, and allow someone else to enjoy them. They went into our sale pile, and people can buy them for cheap. I have one woman coming over this afternoon to see what I've got. 

If you are anything like me, you have tons and tons of half used toiletries, samples, etc stored in your bathroom cabinets. I got rid of three plastic bags of trash! Now that felt good! I also went through the drawers and got them a bit more organized...these little Birchbox boxes were the perfect size, and they have cute patterned liners too. Looks so orderly, love it!

:: Saturday evening, Chris and I had a late dinner at Deutchlanders for catfish, and then came home and decided to start a Netflix tv series together. We decided on The 100 -- anyone heard of it? We had never heard of it, but it is so good! We have been binge watching, and we only have 3 episodes to go on Season 1. Basically, Earth was destroyed by a nuclear bomb, and some of society survived by moving up to a space station. Nearly 100 years later, they send a group of 100 teenage prisoners back to Earth to see if it is livable...and the show revolves around what they find. We are enjoying it!

:: Sunday, church was great! We had a guest preacher who delivered a very dynamic and strong message. Then Chris and I did the grocery shopping, and did some chores around the house. Chris even got some of our carpets and rugs deep cleaned, so that is fantastic! I made big salads for dinner, and then we watched more of our show!

:: Monday! Labor Day! So nice to have a day off work, free from labor. Ahhhh! This evening, we are going to Nadene and Jon's for dinner and fellowship -- can't wait!! Beyond that, we are going to enjoy our day. Hope you are enjoying yours!!

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