September 30, 2015

Wednesday of Busy Week

:: This evening was hair night! I got to spend a little time with Kasi and she made me young again :) There is nothing like the 15 minute shampoo/head rub!

:: Friends -- working my way through Season 4! I'm on episode 17...loving this! It's so fun to see it all in order!

:: I made a new crockpot dish was average. It was a chicken marsala -- chicken and portabello mushrooms in a broth, served over wild rice (for them, not me). Not bad, but don't know that I would make it again.

:: Book Club was fun last night...we all had a lot to say about the book! None of us really liked it, because it was pretty glum and depressing. Even the ending. But lots of opinions about it! We had a delicious dinner -- taco pile up! Our next book is going to be Sunday at Tiffany's by James Patterson. That will be a nice break from Afghanistan (I've been there through three books this year, no more please,) and from gloom. I've read this book before but it has many years. So I will reread and refresh my memory. We are meeting next at the end of October...we're going to have breakfast and then homemade ice cream!! Whole30 will be over by then, so that will be my treat of the month!! I am going to try a new recipe -- hashbrown cups. Cooked in a muffin pan with cheese. Sounded yummy to me, and something I can make the night before.

:: Tomorrow, a few of us from work are going to a grief seminar here in town. Alan Wolfelt, a renowned grief counselor/speaker, is coming to town. He has a grief center for loss in Colorado, and we use his articles in our newsletters at work. It is going to be neat to meet him in person! And the seminar should be pretty interesting too...

:: My allergies have been doing so well lately...the Whole30 tends to help them a lot. However last night, I was up and down quite a bit, dealing with snot. Not sure what got me but I was sleepy this morning. Hopefully tonight will be better.

:: Tomorrow, after work, Chris and I are helping at an Abilene Young Professionals event that is being hosted at our office building. We shall see what that entails! Busy week, continues...

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