October 01, 2015

Crazy Week Continues

:: Whew...long day on the 4th day of a very busy week. I'll make this quick, because I really just want to lay down on the couch!

:: This morning I attended the Alan Wolfelt grief seminar at a local funeral home, and that was really interesting. Dr. Wolfelt is a very smart man with a huge passion for the grief industry -- I enjoyed hearing part of his teaching. We were there from 9:00 until noon...

:: Afterwards, I headed home for lunch and fed the pups...and spent just a small pocket of time vegging out and watching Friends...speaking of Friends, I noticed something really funny today. In every episode, there is a message board next to Chandler and Joey's door. Most of the time I don't pay attention, but I am going to have to start! In one episode today, the message kept switching back and forth within one scene! At first it said "Poop" and then it switched to "Get Out!". Back and forth. Is this something they do in all episodes? Or was it a mishap in this one episode?? I'll be paying attention to it :)

:: After work, our company hosted the Abilene Young Professional event and it went well. There was a great turnout, the food was yummy, and The Mill catered the drinks. Everyone was very happy about the rootbeer flavored beer. (Ick!) We stayed to help clean up, I picked up Mr. Burger for dinner, and we got home around 8:30.

:: Now, blogging and Friends...and ding ding I'm done.

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