October 04, 2015

weekend recap

:: Friday evening after work, Chris and I went and had a lovely dinner at Texas Roadhouse...Jeff, my boss, gave us a gift card to eat there as a "thank you" for being his taxi service for a week. We enjoyed our food :) I had salmon and a baked potato and a salad -- all plain...yum!

:: After dinner, we headed home, and then a few of my coworkers came over for a movie night in the theater room. We watched Aladdin (they "forced" me and Shaylee, since neither of us had seen it before...) It was actually a cute movie, and we had a fun time together.

:: Saturday morning, Chris went on an 8 mile run with Steven and a coworker named Alyssa...he had a great run with no pain! Then Chris and I had breakfast together and started our day. Chris worked in the yard and also supervised Domingo, who was working on the stone wall between our house and our shop. I made the grocery list and then headed out for some shopping and a movie. The Alzheimer's Association put on a free screening of Still Alice, and a few girls from my book club went to watch it because we had read the book in the club. Such a sad, sad movie...even more sad than the book. Julianne Moore did a fantastic job and definitely deserved the Oscar. Me and Kim and Kim enjoyed our outting! Then, I did the grocery shopping and came home to this:

Domingo and his guys had finished the whole stone wall!! It looks so very nice! Now all it lacks is a metal gate...a coworker's husband is going to make one for us. Can't wait to see the final product!!

:: Saturday evening, we enjoyed a nice dinner at Casa...hadn't been there in awhile. Then we stopped at Kohl's because Chris' belt broke. Found him a new belt and some new work shoes too. Received $20 more in Kohl's cash, so now that is $40! Need to spend it next weekend, can't wait! I'm thinking about this robe...

:: Sunday, chores -- laundry and cleaning and then I deep cleaned the fridge. What a doozy of a job! Now it is all sparkly and clean. I also made a delicious loaf of almond flour bread with raisens, dates and pistachios for my breakfasts this week. Mmmmm! I also attempted to make some ghee and that did NOT go well. I am going to have to rewatch the video and see where I went wrong. Boooo!

:: We think we've reached a point on the pool where we are happy...we are most likely moving forward if all goes well! Below is a drawing:

There is a bathing ledge at the entry, with steps down into the shallow end. There is room for a volleyball net; there is also a stone waterfall with a small grotto underneath with a seat. We've picked out the stone for around the pool, and the tile for right underneath the ledge and also the color for the bottom of the pool. Things are pretty set on the pool side...now we are just waiting for the bank side of things.

:: About to begin week #4 of Whole30! So far it is going so well! I can feel some differences in my body, not sure if I've lost any weight yet. Will weigh at the end. My girls are doing so well, and the support on the facebook group has been a lot of fun! This has been a great experience...looking forward to the last week. Then I plan to have a treat and then get right back to clean eating.

Sooooo...there we have it!

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