October 05, 2015

A New Week

:: Sooo...apparently I hadn't mentioned the pool here on the blog yet ha ha! My mistake! I swear I mentioned it a few posts back, but upon looking, nope! So there you go! Surprise! Ha!! My memory is for the birds.

:: I made a delicious dinner tonight! I cooked baked potatoes in the crockpot -- put them in at lunch and 6 hours later, perfect potatoes!! I had brisket and other toppings for Chris and Mimi, and I cut up some sausage for mine. Yum yum!

:: I've decided to sell some of my "decluttered" items at a local, annual sale that is coming up! It is called My Sister's House and I've started work on getting things ready for it. You sign up and they give you a consignee number, and then you enter everything online. I got quite a bit done last night and plan to do more this evening! Then at the time of the sale, I'll drop everything off, and whatever sells, I will get 60% of the proceeds! Whatever doesn't sell will be donated.

:: Nadene and I continue with our "Proverb a Day" activity...I am enjoying that! I do it in the morning, before I begin getting ready for the day. We pick out the principles and text them to each other...it is a great accountability project too! It gets us in the Word on a daily basis. We are also doing another project that is interesting...we are copying the Bible! She is in Psalms and has been there for awhile. I started with the book of Esther. It takes some time, to be sure...but reading and copying and writing all at the same time have a way of solidifying things in your brain. I am enjoying it.

:: Last night was the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead (the spin off of The Walking Dead)...it was 6 episodes for this first season, and it was pretty decent. It is a prequel of sorts, as in it does a lot of set up of how the whole apocolypse happened. The Walking Dead never covers that really. The finale was pretty good...and NEXT SUNDAY, The Walking Dead starts back up! Very ready for that, it's been sooo long.

:: Okidokie, that's all for tonight...time to enter more items for my sale!

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