October 06, 2015


:: Tonight was bunko night...so this will be a short one! Bunko was a lot of fun! Small group, so we played Farkle...I won the first round!! Our friend Sammie, who is currently living in England with her military husband, was back in town visiting her family. She used to be a part of our group, so she joined us again tonight! She is a light and is full of energy! It's always a joy to be around her -- she tells the best stories!

:: I printed out all of my tags for the upcoming sale...now to get them all adhered to the items. Maybe tomorrow I can begin working on that.

:: I received my book today for the book club -- Sundays at Tiffany's -- and will get started on that too. It should be a very quick and easy read...

:: Okidokie, that's all I've got!

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KB said...

I haven't heard of Bunko before now. I'll have to goggle it.

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