October 07, 2015

Hump Day

:: I am losing track of what day it is this week -- not sure why. It certainly does not feel like Wednesday. Hm.

:: Tonight, after work, Chris went flying with his friend Alex. Alex recently got his pilot's license, so he was excited to take Chris up. I know they are having tons of fun!

:: I worked out, and then came home to a delicious dinner -- a sweet potato, two scrambled eggs, and some carrots and celery. Whole30 day 23 has been a success! Things are going well and I'm in control...loving it!

:: Mimi took another fall this morning. She arrived at work, and was walking in from the parking lot. The wheel of her walker got caught on a rock, and she fell and hit her head. She went to the ER and everything turned out to be fine. Her pelvic bone did not re-break, and no other breaks. They did a scan on her head, and nothing wrong there. She has a bit of a headache though...more prayers needed for her!

:: Not much else to report! It was a normal day, a productive day. And now, must relax.

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