October 08, 2015

Teeth & Lunch & More

:: Today was Dentist Day! I headed to my appointment at 8:30 this morning and met with Wendy, the awesome dental hygienist. She is a kooky lady and always fun to chat with! Well, she chats and I grunt. You know.  She says my teeth looked just dandy -- no cavaties. Then I met with my dentist, who I found out got married three weeks ago. How fun! She and I also discussed some issues I've been having. My lower jaw is popping and clicking a lot, it always feels exhausted, and I constantly catch myself clenching (and sometimes grinding) my teeth. Because of this, my upper gum bones are protruding out a bit. She also saw some wear on my teeth. So. She recommends that I get a custom mouth guard made to wear at night while I sleep. We both feel this will help give me some relief, and I am excited. I go back on the 22nd to get fitted for the custom mold.

:: Today was also Lunch with Vendor Day! Our direct mail vendor from Dallas came to visit us today, and he was kind enough to take us out for lunch! We met him at Copper Creek and had some delicious food and fun conversation. He is a great guy and takes great care of our work. He is definitely a wonderful partner for us!

:: Beyond that, I worked on my own work load and also the work load of Allison, who is on vacation this week. I have been pulling double duty, but it hasn't been too bad. She is the one who took over some of my accounts to help me out, so I'm familiar with them and she follows the same exact process I do. Hasn't been bad at all!

:: This evening, I am going to workout, and then make Taco Pizza for dinner...that will be for the family. I will use a portion of the taco meat for my own dinner. Not sure what that will be yet. Not too concerned. Whole30 is so easy -- I can make my meals in about 4 minutes. :)

:: Made plans today for a Sunday dinner with Nadene and Jon...we are looking forward to that! We are going to meet them at Logan's Steakhouse at 6:00. Love those two.

:: One more day to go...and then it is Scrapbook Saturday!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!

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