October 20, 2015

Back to the Grind

:: I have made a discovery! The Pioneer Woman's new kitchen collection at Walmart!!! I have a great dislike for Walmart...I haven't been in years. However, I think this weekend I will make a trip there just to pick up some of these beauties!! Everything in this collection matches our kitchen perfectly. We currently have red Fiestaware, which is nice...but when our old dishwasher was on the fritz, it put a weird white film on everything that we now can't get off. So I think it is time to update with these gems!! LOVE those bowls on the top shelf!!! OOOOH I'm excited :) I'm going to mix and match and also keep some of the Fiestaware. Lord, help me get in and out of Walmart without harming someone!

:: Back to work today...it didn't take long at all to get caught, so that was nice! It was a decent day and productive too. Everyone was very chatty and happy -- always nice!

:: The Walking Dead was incredibly intense last night!!!! It is going to be a great season. Love that show!

:: Mimi went in for her doctor's appointment today, and he put her on bed rest. She overdid it last week with her sister, etc. and her broken bones are not healing as they should. She needs more resting and less doing. So, she'll be having a quiet week.

:: Thursday evening, Chris and I are going to The Mill with our coworker Alex -- as long as it doesn't rain!! On Thursdays, they have Steak Night!!! You get a steak dinner and a glass of wine, what could be better! They have live music, and we are looking forward to it! Everyone in town has been talking about it. Gotta check it out!

:: Tomorrow, I have an eye doctor appointment...Thursday, I have a dentist appointment. I am getting fitted for the mold for my guard. Gotta stop this clenching!!!!

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