October 22, 2015

Nearing Weekend Bliss

:: This morning, I went to the dentist to have my teeth guard impressions taken. That was an interesting experience! The dentist began with a tray for the upper and for the lower teeth. She filled each tray with a pink goopy mixture and then wrapped the tray onto my teeth (first the bottom row, then the top row). She held it firmly in place as the goop hardened. It took about 3 minutes for each tray. Then she pulled the tray away and the hardened goop now had my teeth impressions. Quick and painless. Now she will send these impressions off to California to have my custom guard created for my top row of teeth. I chose to do clear, instead of the neon pink, green, or blue. Let's be subtle!

:: Today, it has poured rain all day long...we are in store for a few days of this I believe. I will break out the rain boots tomorrow!

:: I am nearing the end of the book I'm reading -- Eve. It is quite interesting! It is an interpretation of the Adam/Eve story, but the author has created this "other world" that is intriguing. I have three chapters to go, and am anxious to see how he wraps it up. I recommend this book for sure, mainly because of the originality of the concept and writing! Let me know if you read it!

:: This evening, we had planned on having dinner at The Mill's Steak Night...unfortunately, the rain has cancelled that for us :( So...Chris and I, along with Alex, went to Copper Creek instead! We had a delicious meal, and enjoyed our conversation with Alex. Not only is he interesting, he is interested...that is rare these days!!!

:: My eating is going well -- had those few treats over the weekend, and then right back to my plan. Feeling great! My blood pressure at the dentist this morning was fantastic! So many perks!

:: It is nearing the end of our day, and I must finish this book if possible!!!

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