November 11, 2015

Busy Day & A Sale!

:: Currently -- sitting on the couch with Chris...each with a laptop...watching The Notebook :) Fave.

:: Work was fairly insane today...I had a morning full of  meetings, and then lots of work to be done in the afternoon. I got through it in one piece thankfully!

:: After work, I headed over to the My Sister's House pre-sale! As a consigner selling items in the sale, I had a ticket for the was crazy there! So many people and so much stuff to look through!! I found some goodies :) My goal was to be picky, since I just decluttered my closet. I found an Ann Taylor Loft racerback tank top (black/white stripe), a Christopher Banks cozy sweater vest (gray), and a pair of wedge sandals with a vintage vibe (red) that fit perfectly! Now, from Thursday-Sunday I can watch online and see what sells...fingers crossed that I make some good money!!

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