November 09, 2015


:: I now have all of our photos from the shoot, and I've narrowed it down to three selections for our Christmas card! No to work up a design and get them printed!

:: Not a lot to report from my Monday...I woke up super sleepy for some reason, even though I slept great. I had a very productive day at work though -- was able to get my first batch of new applications sent to the printer! Feels good to have some of them accomplished. Still lots to go.

:: I just realized that I bought some shoes on Target's website last Friday, and I didn't ever receive the order email...I'm not sure if the order went through. Hmm. Need to check on that...found two pairs of heels (one black and one a black/white pattern). Dang it!

:: Sorry for the short one...but need to work on my Christmas card!! :)

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