December 18, 2015

70s Party!

This Thursday was our annual End of Year Party at FDLIC!  I promised my grandma that I would do a rare Friday post so she could see the fun costumes! The theme this year was the you can imagine there were some good ones!

Our parties are always at the Civic Center...the decorations all revolved around the 70s, and the photo backdrop this year was an authentic VW Bus! There were disco balls for the center pieces and our entertainment was three 70s game shows -- Family Feud, The Match Game, and The Newlywed Game...all put on with our people! Pretty funny stuff! For food, we had BBQ with mashed potatoes, rice, and beans...along with cobbler. And open bar!!

I know you really want to see the pics, so let's get to those!!

I'll start with me and Chris...we participated, but we are more subtle :) Low-key. Dressing up isn't necessarily our thing. We found these tshirts on Amazon, and we decided it was perfect for us! We were both born in the 70s, so it was appropriate!

Made in the 70s -- yep! 1973 and 1975!
This is one rowdy crew!! Kim and Gary, Kim, us, and Taylor!
Jon and Nadene...they crack me up! Jon's shirt had fake rug-like chest hair!
Paul and Don -- Paul's (on the left) completely cracked me up! He is normally bald!!
He was a host of one of the game shows and he did a fantastic job! Though his mustache did fall off, and he did the remainder of the show with the strip of adhesive shining in the spotlight!
Lisa and Rob -- oh that stache!!!
John and Jyl -- authentic clothes that they rented! Blue leisure suit and
an orange jumpsuit. Look at Jyl rocking the winged hair!
Can you guess who this is???? This is Neeley!!!! This one really got me! That wig!!
Katie and Kelly -- Katie was adorable, she is always spot on. Her dress was so cute!
Kelly actually stumbled across this 70s suit when he visited a funeral home...oh my!!
My boss Jeff! The host of The Newlywed Game! He was psychadelic!
Ummmmm?? Snowmen? On a suit? Not sure how this classified as
70s, but it was definitely post-worthy! Wow!
And the Best Costume award goes to Dawson -- wow!! He grew his hair out for
two months so that he could feather it...and he shaved his goatee! And those clothes
were authentic...he was definitely in character all night!!
So there is a snapshot of the crazy costumes! There were more, but I didn't get around to see everyone before the entertainment started. A very fun evening, and great way to wrap up a crazy crazy week!

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