December 16, 2015

Another Pool Update!

Our pool is...complete!! They still need to come out and do a lot of clean up. Our back yard is a complete disaster area. And we need to do a lot of landscaping around the pool because right now it looks like it was just plopped in the middle of our back yard. :) But...we have a pool and it is so so pretty! Here are some photos!

This will give you an idea of where the pool is located in our yard
Pipes and rebar
The cement shape of the pool
Our pretty turquoise tile and the gorgeous flagstone border
The form for the decking on the right
The finished decking
Our impressive waterfall! The water comes across the flat stone and falls off in
a sheet of water. Behind this water wall is a grotto chair!
After they sprayed in the plaster, it took days and days to fill up the pool. Days.
This mostly took place while we were in San Antonio, and Mimi had to
babysit the water level. Thank you Mimi! The water had to be shut off at
just the right time -- halfway up the turquoise tile.
And here it is, all full!! Soooo pretty! The color of the water is affected by the
color of plaster you choose -- I am very happy with our choice!!
And here it is! Our final pool!! Once I take it, I'll post a final photo
with the waterfall and the bubblers going!
Chris has done a cannonball into the deep end off of the waterfall! Freezing water!!! I stuck my feet in! Until Spring, that's about it!!

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