December 15, 2015

San Antonio Rock & Roll Marathon (and Half Marathon)!

On Saturday, December 4, Chris and I headed to San Antonio for the marathon! We had a great, quick weekend!

On our drive to San Antonio, we left early enough so that we passed through Fredericksburg at lunch time :) We stopped and ate at West End Pizza -- Chris had some pasta to carb up for the race, and I had some delicious gluten-free pizza!! So yummy! Then we finished up the drive and checked into the Grand Hyatt in downtown San Antonio. This is a great hotel because it is very close to the starting line and finish line of the no driving necessary! Once Kiki (Steven, Chris' good running friend) arrived, the three of us headed to the Expo center to pick up their packets.

Afterwards, it was time to head back to hotel so Chris could rest his legs a bit until dinner...then we met the group at Zocca for a delicious buffet dinner! Our group had two separate tables -- one of 5 and one of 8...we ate well and had a good time together!

Running the race was a small group from our office -- Chris and Kiki ran the full marathon, and then Katie, Alyssa, Alyssa's friend, and Allison ran the half marathon. A few others were scheduled to run, but weren't feeling well.

We were up  bright and early Sunday morning -- we met the group at the #10 coral and took some photos. The race started at 7:30, and we got some photos as they took off! Then Kiki's wife, Blaise, and their son, Jayden, set off with me on a long walk to mile 9.5. This was a spot where we would be able to see all of the runners, before the half marathon runners turned off onto a different course. Us spectators had a good time waiting for the runners -- Jayden is a sweet little boy, and Blaise is good company!

Once we saw all of the runners, we made a quick, but long, journey to the finish line...and made it just in time to see Chris coming into the finish shoot. Kiki unfortunately was not with him :( The plan had been for Chris to pace Kiki so that he could run under a 3:30 time...Kiki cramped up badly in mile 21 and had to stop to stretch. Chris went on to finish in 3:24 and Kiki came in at 3:33...good races for both!! We were also able to see Allison come in to finish...a good day for everyone!!

After a slow walk back to the hotel, a quick bath, and a late hotel checkout...we were back on the road to home. We stopped, again, in Fredericksburg for lunch :) This time we went to the Brewery and had our faves -- beer cheddar soup and fried pickles...yummmmm!

Another great marathon in the books -- this was Chris' 14th!! I am so proud of him, and it is amazing how quick his recovery was after his August hernia surgery. He is in incredible shape right now!

Chris and Kiki before the race...they have become great friends and share a
mutual craziness when it comes to running! They are fun to watch!
The boys with Allison -- isn't her tutu cute? She made it herself! This was her third half
marathon of 2015 -- so proud of the way she has pushed herself this year!
Alyssa, on the left, works in the FDLIC MIS department...she is such a sweet girl!
She and her friend ran a very swift half marathon together!
Katie and Kelly both work with us -- Katie ran the half marathon, and had a great run!
Chris and Kiki at the start of the race -- they were pumped!!
The Spectators! Me and Blaise...
Me and sweet Jayden! Isn't his monkey hat so cute? We had fun together!
Blaise and I enjoyed the show that this homeless woman provided...she decided to run
wildly down the marathon course (carrying all of her belongings) and these two
bike police officers had to run her off onto the sidewalk! She was VERY dramatic!!!!
I was excited to see professional runner, Kara Goucher, run (and win) the half
marathon! Her body doesn't have an ounce of fat on it!
We were also able to see Shalane Flanagan run! It was more of a training
run for her, but she was still in peak form!
Chris and Kiki, at mile 9.5! They didn't see us unfortunately and were definitely in the zone!
My guy coming in for the finish!! He was hurting a bit, but finished strong! So proud of him!
Kiki and Chris with their finisher medals and finisher jackets!
Another one in the books!! My husband makes me so very proud...he never ceases to amaze me!! 2016 should hold some interesting goals for Chris -- so stay tuned for those in the new year!

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