December 09, 2015

St. Louis Post #6

And here we are! The final post about our trip to St. Louis for Thanksgiving!!

Thursday 26

After the Thanksgiving festivities and everything settled down, Chris and I were very excited to give my Mom and Randy their Christmas gifts!!

For Randy, we were excited to give him the Henry rifle that Chris picked out for him!
I do think that he was very surprised and that he loved it! Enjoy!!
For my Mom, we gifted her with a Mother/Daughter trip in 2016!!!
We gave her some options, and after considering, she and I have decided
on San Antonio!!!! I am looking forward to our time together, can not wait
to begin planning it with her!!!
Friday 27

My mom had to work on Black Friday, so Chris and I slept in a bit and then met her for lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant!! It was nice to spend that last bit of time with her...then Chris and I did some boutique shopping and decided we weren't really into it. So instead, we stopped at Oberweis and had huge waffle cone bowls full of ice cream!!! :) He had a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of strawberry...I had a scoop of cookie dough and a scoop of expresso caramel chip :) mmmmmm!!

We spent Friday evening visiting with my longest friend Amy and her new hubby Dukes! We met at their beautiful new house and got the tour -- so nice!! Then we headed to dinner at Cooper's Hawk which was absolutely delicious!!! It was so nice to catch up with them!!

Me and Amy!
Me, the Dukes and Chris!
I love the time we get to spend in St. Louis visiting all of my people!! Already looking forward to our next visit!!!

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