December 13, 2015

Stitch Fix #10

True Story - Stitch Fix Review #10

 My Stitch Fix stylist, Kallie, did a great job on my 10th Fix!! I'm excited to share it with you!

For this Fix, my notes requested:

: No jewelry, scarves or purses
: Dark gray or black jeans

That's it! I left the rest up to Kallie! I am enjoying the process more when I'm not so specific...gotta let Kallie do what she does best!!

So, let's dive in!

True Story : Liverpool : Kay Skinny Jean in Dark Grey
True Story : Liverpool : Kay Skinny Jean in Dark Grey

Liverpool : Kay Skinny Jean in Dark Grey ($88)
I was very pleased with these jeans! I like the color a lot -- they are a faded black, just what I was wanting. The fit was perfect... perfect in the waist, with no gap in the back. The length is fantastic...perfect for rolling up with booties or wearing straight with flats. I'm not sure how Stitch Fix does it, but every pair of jeans I've gotten from them has fit perfectly! VERDICT: KEPT!

True Story : Kut From The Kloth : Sinclaire Button Front Blouse

Kut From The Kloth : Sinclaire Button Front Blouse ($68)
I have been more open to florals lately, so this one had possibility. However, I am not a fan of hunter green, or the color combo in this shirt. The fit was just ok -- it seemed a bit too big, even as a flowy shirt. The thing I liked least was how sheer this shirt is -- a cami was definitely necessary, and the pocket looked awkward because it REALLY stood out. All in all this shirt was a NO for me. When I posted my photos on Facebook, someone wanted to buy it, so I kept this shirt to sell only. VERDICT: KEPT BUT SOLD.

True Story : If By Sea : Gallen Quilted Puffer Jacket

If By Sea : Gallen Quilted Puffer Jacket ($88)
Oh the color of this jacket is perfection!!!!! There's a funny story with this jacket...I follow a woman on Instagram who had posted her recent Fix. She received this exact jacket in her Fix, and I exclaimed with excitement when I saw it!! I told Chris that I must have it! I messaged the woman and asked her the name of the jacket so that I could request it from Kallie on my next Fix! She responded and told me the name, and then, honestly, ten minutes later my Fix arrived and the jacket was inside! Ha! I like to imagine that Kallie saw this jacket was available and squealed with excitement because she knows this is my very favorite color! Ha ha! The jacket has cute gold accent zippers, and also came with a hood (which I don't like, but it snaps right off!). The jacket sent was a Medium, and it fit perfectly. However, with outerwear, I like there to be a little extra room for sweaters underneath. So I messaged customer service, and arranged an exchange for a Large. LOVE IT!!!! Now, if only it would get cold enough here in Texas to wear it! VERDICT: KEPT!

True Story : Loveappella : Granby Raglan Knit Top

Loveappella : Granby Raglan Knit Top ($58)
This shirt is great! The material is SO SOFT. It is a comfy, cozy shirt. The main section is a turquoise and black subtle chevron -- I am not a huge chevron fan but this one was fairly subtle so I was ok with it. It fits well and I didn't want to take it off! Great length, material, colors. This was a great choice for me. VERDICT: KEPT!

True Story : Pixley : Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt

Pixley : Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt ($68)
More chevron. This is a pretty wild print for me, and purple is not at the top of my list. I did not like this shirt when I pulled it out of the box. However, after I tried it on, the fit was pretty incredible! This fabric is also very soft. I would have loved this shirt if it was different colors and is, it was just ok. However, since I was keeping the other four items, I decided to keep this fifth item as well so that I could receive the 25% off discount. I'm actually wearing this shirt today, so it was worth keeping I suppose! VERDICT: KEPT BUT ONLY FOR DISCOUNT!

Fix #10 made me really happy!! Even if I had just received that glorious kelly green jacket, I would have been 100% happy :) So the other items were just icing on the cake!! Thank you, Kallie, for taking the time to get to know my preferences, and for the personalized note you always send!!!

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