February 29, 2016

Monday Blues

:: It was a Monday -- the phone rang incessantly, the emails kept arriving, and the work kept getting crossed off the list -- only for more to take its place. Breathe in Peace, Breathe out Stress.

:: Did yoga at lunch, and that felt NICE. Then ate a quick lunch with Kim Kent -- very nice chatting with her!

:: Chris ran 5 miles after work, toward our house...I picked him up on my way home, after working a little late.

:: Found out the afternoon that the REST OF THE WEEK is casual dress!!! Our CEO's daughter is in the high school girl's basketball state game later this week, so we are celebrating! I'll take it!

:: I won't be able to wear my new green shirt from Kohl's until I can take it to the cleaners...there are deep set fold wrinkles in it, from being in the package. I have tried numerous things to get them out...so I must leave it up to the professionals!

:: I'm getting a new phone soon -- my current phone has two big cracks in the screen :( Chris switched over to an iphone a few months ago, so now it looks like it is my turn. Will be an adjustment for a bit, since I have been an Android user for years. A bit different in many ways I am sure. I bought a case for it last night -- it's cute! Can't wait to get it all set up. My phone is a pretty rose gold color, and the case is clear, so that will show through.

:: I was excited for today, because Becky Higgin's (a professional scrapbooker) was coming out with her Project Life app for Android...it's been available on iphone for a long time, and I was anxiously waiting for this! But, since I am switching over, I have to wait. Very excited to start using Project Life on my phone...you can do the layouts and journaling there, and then send them off to print full pages and then put them in albums. So easy. My idea of a perfect plan!

:: Yesterday I worked on seeing what I need in my scrapbook albums from 2005 - 2013...to have them completely finished. It isn't much! I made a list and I am going to plug away at those things before moving on to more 2014/15/16. Pretty fun stuff (for me) :)

:: Tomorrow, Chris has a day of travel scheduled for work. He and two others will be leaving at 5:00 am and returning late tomorrow evening. It will be a tiring day but I hope it all goes great!!

:: Need to start our next book club book -- The Illegal Gardener. I'm not sure I will finish last month's book -- I'm ready to move on! Maybe I'll come back to it one day. Or not.

:: Time to read my Bible passages and relax a bit!!

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