February 22, 2016

Today's Thoughts & Happenings

:: Back to Monday -- I think there must be more Mondays than any other day. They are no fun.

:: But as Mondays go, this one wasn't too bad. I got a lot done, and even though something was brought to my attention that I had missed, we got it worked out thanks to flexible clients. Love that! So, no stress there thankfully.

:: Monday also means yoga at lunch!! Which I truly love! I skipped it last week because I was off on Monday and I really missed it a lot. So happy to be back today. I feel so relaxed afterwards!

:: Yoga at lunch means my evening is free for errands -- tonight's were the vet for Ocho's meds, dropping off the dry cleaning, and getting gas. Then picking up my hubby, who was running 5 miles toward our house!

:: Then I made delicious turkey stuffed bell peppers which were yummy! With purple potatoes and some corn. Four more days on Daniel Plan! Though I won't be changing much afterwards (for myself). Will enjoy my chocolate treat though!!

:: Still need to read quite a bit of my book club for Thursday...that's on the agenda for tonight, though I don't think I'll be able to finish by then. Closer though!

:: The Walking Dead was soooo good last night! Rick and Michonne!! What! That seems to have made a ton of people happy in the real world ha! Wasn't quite as intense as last week's episode, but still a good one.

:: My Kohl's order has still not arrived. That is taking awhile!! I think I have become spoiled by having Amazon Prime, which is free two day shipping!! Normal shipping seems to take forever!!

:: I wore the plaid skirt I kept from my last Stitch Fix today for the first time and received a lot of compliments! Even from my hubby, who seemed to really like it a lot!! Win!

:: Chris is working hard to get things set up with the fencing company -- time to get a fence put up around this pool!

More tomorrow :)

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