March 09, 2016

Crazy Hump Day

:: Today was a good day, but an insane full, busy day...our new hire, Aaron, started -- yay! So, after my meeting this morning from 9-10, I spent the majority of the day with him. Going over all the training stuff and then getting into the nitty gritty of what he'll be doing every day. There is a lot to train him on -- lots of moving parts. He was very receptive and I think he is going to be a quick learner. Very good!

:: After he left at 5:00, I spent a good 40 minutes catching up on my emails and doing a little work. My to-do list is still quite long. More training with him tomorrow, and then may need to hand him off to another rep for training. At least half days!

:: This note is for my Granny -- I looked into the issue you are having with the videos on my Instagram. When you try to click on the white arrow in the middle of the photo, does it change to something that reads with a heart icon, a number, a speech bubble, a number? That is showing the number of likes and comments on that video. You should still be able to click there in the middle of the photo, even if the arrow has gone away. Click and it will take you to the next screen. That screen should have an arrow in the middle that you can click. You can tell me Sunday if this works!

:: Had a very tough workout this evening...did legs and man, I was pooped when I got done! These workouts are definitely amped up from my normal routine...I hope to see some good results!

:: Tonight I enjoyed a glass of my hubby's peach wine...very tasty!

:: More rain today...our little lake out front is quite large. More tomorrow I believe.

:: Not much else to report...bye for today!

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