March 10, 2016

Rainy Thursday

:: Today was day 2 of training Aaron, and it went well! He is picking up on some things and asking lots of good questions. More training tomorrow!

:: Stuck to straight cardio tonight for my legs are very sore from last night's workout! And tonight I hit 10,000 steps! I was surprised when my FitBit buzzed to let me know -- whoop!

:: More rain today...we must have something exposed because when it rains, something is getting wet and not letting our garage door breaker stay set. So, that's been fun...having to use the front door. And pull the garage door up manually. We aren't sure where even to look, to find where this is stemming from? #oddproblems

:: Another odd problem we are having -- our dishwasher is putting a chalky white film on a lot of our dishes, especially the plastic stuff. We have very hard water and we aren't sure what to do about this either. It's ruining some of my favorite stuff! :( Anyone have any solutions for this????

:: I am so ready for the weekend! It's been a long week, but also a week that's flown by. Kind of weird. But nonetheless, still very ready for Friday at 5:00. The rain is supposed to end and we are supposed to get back into the 80s over the weekend, so yay for that. This chilly rainy weather is for the birds.

:: Chris and I just Facetimed for the first time :) We had to try it out on our he called me from the living room ha ha! It's pretty much Skye -- calling with video. Fun :)

:: I've really not got much else...

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