March 13, 2016

Weekend Recap

:: We had a really great weekend! We decided against going to Fredericksburg -- for one thing, it is now Spring Break, so there were zero rooms available. That meant it was going to be very crowded, and also that we would just be able to go Saturday and come back same day. No fun! Plus, we are going to Decatur next weekend for Chris' 50 mile trail run, so it was good to stay home.

:: I have to tell you...I tried this stuff, and the inside of our dishwasher now looks brand new! I will be using this a lot, and I am excited to see how it improves our dishes too. Running that on the next load!!

 :: Friday after work, Chris and I had dinner at Chili's then headed home to was a long week!

:: Saturday morning, Chris and Kiki ran 16 miles...when he got home, we decided against Fredericksburg. So, I tackled our extra room where I have been putting all of the items I've purged throughout the house. It was a pretty full room! I boxed up most of the items for Goodwill, and prepared a little sale on Instagram with the good stuff so we can make a little $$$. I've sold quite a bit off there, how fun! After Chris puttered around outside, we went and had lunch in Buffalo Gap at a place we've never gone to before called The Bar BQ Barn. It was pretty rustic, but it was very tasty! Then we headed to Lowes for some things and Target for some things. I found a cute shirt :) Then we headed on home and order Blackbox pizza to be delivered. Nice relaxing day!

:: We also ordered outdoor furniture for around the pool and on our other patio! Excited to get it all and see what it looks like. This is definitely a process -- and why is outdoor furniture so expensive???

:: Sunday, the usual. Grocery shopped, laundry, took the dogs on short walks. It was absolutely a gorgeous day -- nearly 80!! About to watch The Walking Dead whoop!

:: The week ahead -- the CEO of the company Chris works for will be in town from San Francisco for the week, and he has been kind enough to invite us to dinner out on Wednesday! So that will be fun! Beyond that, we are leaving Friday after work for Decatur -- Chris will run his 50 mile trail run beginning at 6:00 am on Saturday morning...I'll have about 10 hours to fill that day, should be interesting!

:: Hope it is a good week ahead for you all!

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