March 02, 2016


:: Today was better, but still a pretty crazed.

:: I had a good workout, but got a weird cramp in the tricep of my right arm. It was stuck! Never had that happen before!

:: I received my iPhone yesterday! Chris helped me set it up at lunch, and he's finishing it up this evening. Should be interesting, doing the switch. I've had Android for so long! It's pretty pretty and my case is so cute!!

:: Chris didn't get home until about 11:00 last night...he was one tired boy from a very long day! (They started at 5:00 am!)

:: My open position at work is nearing an end hopefully! Our candidate came in today for step 3/4 of the process. They'll be offering the job and hopefully he will accept! Please say a few prayers, we are in big need of help!!

:: Tonight is a vodka/oj kind of night I believe.

:: I've been working on our upcoming Mother/Daughter trip!! So far, I have the accommodations booked and mom's flight to Abilene booked. Whoop! I have the rest of my ideas ready, just need to finalize. So excited!!!!!

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