March 03, 2016


:: The week has mentally drained me...I am thankful that tomorrow is Friday. We have no plans for the weekend and I hope that it stays that way!

:: I'm slowly getting used to my new iphone...really, it isn't that much different. I don't know why all the iphone users are so fantatical about them...everything seems about the same, only the iphone won't swipe :( and there is no back button. The camera is pretty nice though, and I tried out the slo-mo feature tonight -- check out my Instagram to see the video! Link is to the right.

:: Chris discovered last night, which he was doing the bills, that our vet charged us $1000 extra for the last dose of medications I picked up for Ocho. Ummmm!? It was about $100, so she definitely fat fingered that one! She was very nice this morning when I called, and is crediting us back. Whew! Chris and I are also taking Ocho in tomorrow afternoon at 4 -- we just want to talk some more with the vet, as we are convinced that arthritis is all he is dealing with. We'll see what comes of it.

:: Tomorrow, 3-4-16, is my Grandpa Al's birthday!!! The Big 8-5! Love him to pieces! Have a great day Grandpa!!

:: Tonight, I just want to read my Bible passages and cuddle up on the couch with my pink fuzzy blanket and my book club book...gotta get that one going! Only about a chapter in! Need some down time.

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