March 06, 2016

Weekend Recap

I love weekends! This one was nice...

:: Friday, Chris and I left work at 4:00 to take Ocho to the vet. We wanted to talk with the vet about what we've been seeing in Ocho and see what else we can do. He's been having a lot of good days, and overall seems pretty good. But, we feel he's having more issues than arthritis...maybe neurological. Sometimes it seems his brain is telling him to do something and his legs do their own thing. He seems to have lost some motor, he can't back up. When he tries, he stumbles over. So...we talked with the vet. He tested some things and agrees that what Ocho is dealing is with is more neurological. He said we could go to Austin to have a cat scan/mri done, which would be pretty expensive...and that it  might give us some answers, but that there wouldn't be much of an action plan after that. He said that his decline could be swift or it could be slow...we'll just have to wait and see. In the mean time, he's doing pretty well and he's happy and in no pain...and we're giving him lots of love!

:: After we dropped him off at the house, we went to dinner at Tokyo -- we haven't had sushi in awhile and it was particularly delicious!!! Mmm! Then we went to Kohl's because I had a lot of coupons/Kohl's Cash to use. Yippie! I was in search of a strapless bra (they all suck!!!!!!), but I did find a regular bra and a sports bra! And Chris found a shirt for Cancun. We spent $55 and by the time all was said and done...we paid only $18 :) Loving Kohl's!

:: Saturday, Chris decided to take the day off from running -- he needs to let his body do some resting so that he doesn't over train. Instead -- he got up and made me breakfast! How sweet is he? :) He made pancakes and they were delish!! We had a very nice, relaxing morning...and then he did a lot of work in the yard, getting the flowerbeds set up around the pool. I did a lot of different things, and then say by the pool and read so I could be outside with Chris as he worked. Very nice day.

:: Saturday evening, we had dinner at Enchilada Express and then went to Academy -- I had a $50 gift card to spend for being on the Daniel Plan committee. Whoop! I found a fun pair of shorts and a tank for working out.

:: Sunday, grocery shopping and laundry and some cleaning. Some Grey's and blogging. Worked on some photos. And gave the dogs baths! Walking Dead tonight...then getting ready for the week ahead.

:: I'm tightening things up starting tomorrow -- I've enjoyed some treats and now it's time to be 100% for awhile. I'm also going to cut back on the cardio machines and work on intense toning/strength with bursts of cardio mixed in. Gotta get bikini ready!!!

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