May 16, 2016

Random Photo Share

Today there are some random photos and stories that I want to share with you :)

The Craft Fair at The Mill was a lot of fun! They had booths out under the pavilion
and in the warehouse. Clothes and jewelry and house decor and food and drinks, etc. I found
a tank top and a short sleeve shirt and a cute baby gift!
Kim and her daughter Kelsey joined me at the Craft Fair! Love them both!
Kim and I ended up with appointments to see Kasi on the same evening!
We had a lot of fun chatting and taking fun photos of our silly hair!
Whew...look at that hair on the left! It had gotten so long and nasty!
Granted, it just came out of a braid, so it wasn't quite that "witch-like"
normally. But still! So healthy now!

My Poppy Sue is the absolute best snuggler...she is definitely the best dog
for me because my love language is physical touch...she will lay on me with
all her weight and get as close as possible! Love her.
We were so excited to get the pups into the pool for the first time! This was back
when Ocho had not yet regained all of his motor skills, so his front legs weren't
working very well. His natural instinct to paddle his legs didn't work too well.
But he didn't seem to mind the water much, and that is a good sign!
Poppy, on the other hand, did not seem too fond of the water, but her instincts kicked
right in and she began to paddle like a machine! We're excited to keep working with her!
And finally, I deemed the water warm enough to get in for the first time!
It was still pretty chilly, but once my body got used to it, it was fine!
Chris and I played with a ball and paddles and he blew up our innertube!
It was a fun few hours and I'm looking forward to our summer in there!

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