May 15, 2016

Weekend Recap

:: Friday evening after work, Chris and I headed to Copper Creek for dinner. It was so, so yummy! I was able to remain on my Whole30 easily there -- had grilled salmon and asparagus yum!! Our waitress was so perky and friendly, and we enjoyed our delicious dinner together. Afterwards, we decided to head home and enjoy our beautiful backyard oasis! We sat out by the fire pit with our two pups and talked and laughed and dreamed...

:: Saturday morning, Chris and Kiki ran a long run, and then I made breakfast for us. Then, I picked up Kim and her daughter Kelsey at 10:30 to head to the Craft Fair at The Mill. We really enjoyed our time there, shopping through all the vendor booths. I found a very cute tank top and short sleeve shirt, as well as a little baby gift. Then, Chris met us there for a Food Truck lunch! There were about 7 food trucks there at The Mill, and we enjoyed chatting while we ate. Afterwards, Chris and I stopped at Michaels so that I could spend my birthday gift card (and 50% off coupon!)...then home! We relaxed for the afternoon and watched a movie on Netflix (Begin Again, which was fairly meh). Then, we headed out for a quick dinner at Nikki's (gyros) and then a movie date night! We finally saw The Divergent movie Allegiant -- I don't really feel like they needed to break the third book into two movies. This one felt fairly empty of substance. The effects were pretty good, but it was a bit too PG. Guess we shall see how the final movie goes! Movie tickets are up to $9.25 now -- wowza.

:: Sunday, we went to church and then I made the grocery list and did the shopping. We had lunch, did chores, etc. Prepping for another week ahead. Fairly normal week ahead, and the crop is on Saturday! I am looking forward to it, since I've missed the last few...

Happy week ahead to you!!

** Be sure to scroll down to the previous post! I've reviewed my 14th Stitch Fix delivery!!

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