June 16, 2016

And We're Off!

Well :) I decided I had time to blog tonight after all! Enjoy!

Sunday, June 5

Mom and I left town around 9:00 am and made our way to Fredericksburg! I am not one for long driving -- Chris does most of our highway driving while I read or snooze :) But, Mom and I listened to music (Jennifer Nettles' new one, Sawyer Fredericks' new one) and talked and laughed. We had a fun time. Mom had to go to the bathroom not too long into the trip, so we stopped for that, and then I had to stop and take some wildflower photos :) So we were even.

We stopped in Fredericksburg for lunch at the Brewery (yum!!!) -- we each got a big pretzel and a cup of cheddar ale soup! Then we stopped at a store for her to check on some shoes, and then back in the car we went. About that point I realized that I had forgotten my swimsuit!!!!! Geez o Pete. So, we had to stop at Walmart. Mom's favorite place ha ha!!! There was nothing good there so we stopped closer to San Antonio at a Target there. I found a really cute Mossimo suit there!

We made it safely to San Antonio with the help of my Ford's GPS...and then we checked right in to The Hotel Contessa -- our gorgeous hotel right on the Riverwalk! We were on the 12th floor, in room 1215. We had a living room area, a bar area, a bathroom and a bedroom with two double beds. It was modern and beautiful! The perfect place to spend a few days with my Mom!

In the car, on our way out of town!
Beautiful wildflowers along the Texas highways
Mom displaying the name of her favorite place ha ha!!! She was a good sport!
Our living room area -- we played a lot of rummy on this couch!
A little table sitting area in the living room
Our bedroom - mom took the bed close to the window, I took the bed on the right
Loved the bathroom and the pattern on the wallpaper
The bar at Riverwalk level
Once we got settled into the room (mom and I both like to unpack everything right away! at least I know where I get it!), we decided to go and explore the hotel. We were not disappointed!!! From here, we headed out onto the Riverwalk...

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