June 15, 2016

Mom's Visit!

My beautiful mom arrived in Abilene on Friday, 6-3-16! I picked her up at the airport right after noon, and it was so good to see her come off that plane!! She was starving, so we headed to get some lunch at the place of her choice: Szcheun!! We enjoyed chatting and some yummy food there. Always a treat! From there, we stopped by my office so that she could see lots of people there...Chris, the people I work with, and Ruben :) After hugs all around, we finished our journey to our house.

Ocho remembered Mom right away! He was so excited to see her. Poppy barked for a bit, but overall she did really well with Mom the whole trip. She jumped inquisitively into her lap one or two times, and never tried to nip at her. Success!

Mom got settled into her bedroom and then we relaxed for a bit. Chris got home from work, and the three of us went to dinner at Miguels. Fun evening together! And then we introduced her to The Mill and enjoyed some wine together. A lovely first evening!

On Saturday, 6-4-16, we had another relaxing day together. Mom and I did the grocery shopping for Chris and Mimi for the week, and Mom showed me how to make her famous chocolate cherry cake with the chocolate icing. Soooooo yummy!!! I will be making this one a lot! Chris was in pure Heaven over it!

For dinner, we took both moms to Deutchlanders for catfish and we stuffed ourselves silly there! It is always so so good! Then me and Mom got ourselves ready to leave the next morning for our Mother/Daughter trip!!

Look at that smile! So happy to be here!
Sweet Mr. Ocho was so happy to see Mom! He got up in
her lap and wanted lots of love from her!
My grandma requested seeing a photo of our backyard set up,
taken from the pool waterfall facing the house.
OMG OMG!!! I didn't expect this to be quite so tasty!!! I'm going to make
lots of friends with this recipe! Thank you for sharing it with me Mom!!!
It really is not that easy to take a selfie of four people of differing
heights, and also include a very tall sign!! :) But the food sure was yummy!
There will be no blog tomorrow -- I'm getting my hair done :) I'll squeeze an extra post in over the weekend!!

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