June 01, 2016

Donkey Weekend Post #2

I'm back with more stories from Donkey Weekend!! Today I'm sharing photos of our arrival in the donkey field, and meeting the donks! As well as a cat and a dog!

Here we are upon arrival! I was one happy happy girl! I know you all think
I am one bizarre chick, but donkeys make me smile!!
We pulled our truck up to the gate and parked...then opened the gate and went
through into donkeyville :) The above photo is of me walking in for the first time,
taking it all in! As you can see, that is our camper straight ahead...and those
donkeys are just milling around right out front of it!
And then I realized there was a CAT -- a very curious cat wanting affection and
very much wanting inside our camper. Hmm. Me, not a cat person. At all. Actually, a tad
bit afraid of them. Donkeys yes, any day of the week!! I don't do cats. This solid
black cat was named Mister, and he was right there with us whenever we were at
the camper. He and Chris made friends. I may or may not have screamed
when he jumped in my lap unannounced!!!
Meeting the donkeys! We broke out the bag of carrots right away, and made instant
friends with them!! There were three girl donkeys and one male. The above photo is
me surrounded by three of them. The fourth was nearby just didn't make the pic! They
loved their carrots! I'm glad that Beth encouraged us to bring some. The donkeys
were very gentle as they took the carrots from us, which was so sweet.
This is the male donkey named Hondo! He was a little less social at times, but
he was never mean! He was the most gentle when it came to eating the carrots out
of our hands. At one point, he brayed loudly a few times to round up the
females to come visit us...that was awesome! It was the only time all
weekend that they made any noise.
This sweetie right here is Hilmy! She was my favorite because she was very, very
affectionate and loved for us to pet her. Especially her ears! Donkey ears are my favorite,
and one time while I was rubbing on them, she had her eyes closed and almost
fell asleep ha ha!! She also looked a bit like my Chula, the donkey I adopted in Aruba...
The EXTREMELY pregnant donk was Red -- we discovered that donkeys are
pregnant for a full year and that Red was going to have her donkey any day! Beth told
us that if she had the baby while we were visiting, she would name it after me ha ha!
Unfortunately that did not happen. She seemed like any preggo this far along --
a bit miserable honestly! We discovered that Red's last baby donkey died at birth,
which is so so sad...we hope that this baby is healthy when it arrives!!
This girl donkey was Nutty...she was a funny one! My best story about her: the day
that we were packing up and leaving, I think she could tell. As we were taking some items
to the truck, she walked behind us and kept nudging us along! And then once we
reached the fence, she gummed me on my calf! She didn't actually bite me with
teeth, but she was definitely telling us to move along! Guess she isn't one for long goodbyes!
And this sweet pup was Chili! We didn't spend a lot of time with her because
she was the owner's dog that was kept inside. But she was very friendly
and always happy to see us! Such a cutie! I liked her much better than the cats!
(Yes there was a second cat, you'll meet him later...)

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