June 02, 2016

Donkey Weekend Post #3

We got up the next morning and spent some time with the donkeys -- I'll post on that later because there are a lot of fun pics :) After we got ready, we headed off to spend some time at wineries -- some favorites and some new ones!
Look at me! Brushing my teeth in the wild! I believe this is the first time ever :)
This is a glimpse of how we got ready in our little camper!
Taking a rest on our bed while Chris was getting ready...doing a little reading!
Our first stop was Hye Market for lunch...we had some delicious sandwiches
and played some checkers with bottle caps -- yes I won :)
After lunch, we stopped by William Chris for wine...it's been awhile since we've
been there, and it had grown up quite a lot. They added this whole back patio area
and it's a lot more commercial now. Chris likes the wines here, but he was a bit turned
off by it all. Not sure if we will got back to this one...
Afterwards, we went to Kuhlman, which is a new one for us. It was more modern, and very nice. And a big plus -- they had three winery dogs! Always a fave! They had a cute black one called Lekkar...one sweet old blind dog named Lucky, and then there was Linus! Oh Linus was precious! He was a puppy and just had endless extra skin. So so sweet!
I mean look at this sweet face!!!!!!
After that, we went to Hilmy, which is a fave...we both enjoyed a glass of wine and
their back patio with the quiet and the guinea and the chickens! These are our thug faces ha!
And then...onto our favorite -- Grape Creek...we spent some good time there and Chris enjoyed a pizza and I enjoyed a most delicious salted caramel chocolate truffle nom nom!!

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