June 10, 2016

Donkey Weekend Post #4

Well hi there! As I am sure you have noticed, I took a bit of a hiatus! I have just had the very best visit with my beautiful mother, to include our Mother/Daughter Trip to San Antonio!! Posts about our time together will be coming soon -- but first, I want to continue with posts from Donkey Weekend!


Continuing on with our second day -- we woke up and had a leisurely morning, and spent a lot of good time with our new donkey friends!!

We opened up our camper door, and Nutty was there to greet us!
I think she wanted to come into our camper with us!
All the donks gathered around for some morning carrots! Just call me the donkey whisperer!
This one makes me laugh! It looks likes Hilmy is laughing!!
Chris was a bit of a donkey whisperer himself! They liked him just as much.
He enjoyed feeding them their carrots too!
The donkeys seemed to like resting their nose on Chris :) Was it a sign of affection?
My favorite part of a donkey is their super soft ears! Hilmy, my favorite donkey,
seemed to really enjoy having her ears rubbed. So we were a pair made in Heaven
ha! She almost fell asleep while I was rubbing them...
Nutty was very curious about what was in our cooler :) I think she wanted a little wine.
Later that evening, after we spent a good day in town, we returned to our cute
camper to build a fire and make some s'mores! It surprised me that Nutty
was very interested in the fire...since horses don't like fire, I thought for sure
the donkeys wouldn't either. But, Nutty did!
Mmmmmmm! It had been a long time since either of us had a s'more, and it did
not disappoint! So very tasty! Thanks again to Kim for stocking us up with all the supplies!!

More to come!!

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