June 12, 2016

Donkey Weekend Post #5


Donkey Weekend continued into Saturday -- and we realized that the town of Fredericksburg had exploded with people coming in for the holiday weekend! It was insanely busy on Main Street, and the rainy weather held off, making it super hot.

Our little camper didn't have any curtains...so, when the sun came up, we were pretty much awake! We relaxed in our comfy bed for awhile, watching the donkeys out the window. It was so relaxing! Then, we got our day started. Chris ran 6 miles through the hills by our camper, and I went into town to get a massage! A gift certificate was part of my gift, and I was excited!!

So relaxed in our little bed, with the morning sun filtering in...
My massage was at Serenity Spa, with Rose, at 10:00. I had not
been to this spa before, and it was nice. Rose did a great job, and really
worked on the tension in my shoulders and neck.
After my massage, I picked up some Hilda's breakfast burritos
and headed back to our camp site...and after eating, I took a very,
very chilly outdoor shower to get all the massage oils off! Brrr!
Once we were both ready, we headed to town a different route than
normal and came across this gorgeous site! It was really breathtaking! We joined all
the people on Main Street and I shopped in the few stores that I always like...Chris
found a few things he was looking for (new khaki shorts and a new pair of
Sanuk flip flops)...I bought a few odds and ends.
From there, we stopped at Grape Creek to enjoy some wine
and the music of Jeff Wood, our favorite...it was nice to relax
on the patio and do lots of chatting with my hubby!
For dinner, we met some people at Alamo Springs for burgers! Alex (the guy
in the middle above) works with Chris...he recently got his pilot's license and purchased
his own plane, so he flew in to Fredericksburg for a few days to visit his
college roommate and his wife, who were visiting Fredericksburg for the weekend!
They were nice enough to invite us along and we enjoyed the company and the delicious food!
After dinner, Chris and I headed to Lincoln Street for more live music and wine, and then called it an early night because the weather was taking a turn for the worse. There was crazy lightening and thunder, so we headed back to our camp site. It ended up being a pretty rough night. The wind was awful, and the pouring rain/lightening/thunder kept us up the majority of the night. We were actually a bit concerned and were contemplating whether we should knock on our host's door to stay in their house! It was definitely an interesting night, but we survived!!

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