June 13, 2016

Donkey Weekend Post #6 -- The End :)


Final Donkey Weekend post!

After our crazy stormy night in Scotty the Shasta, we ventured out of the camper and over to the barn. Our hostess, Beth, had left us a delicious breakfast of greek yogurt, cherries and granola, and we enjoyed it in the quaint barn. Claw the cat crawled up on the green couch next to me and fell fast asleep -- I liked him much better than Mister because he didn't want to be pet, etc. From afar, he wasn't too bad!

Chris in the barn after our breakfast...we enjoyed watching the sky roll
swiftly by as another storm was heading in.
I was excited to see the donkeys laying around when we returned to the camper!
They are so cute when they are curled up like this! This is Nutty.
We grabbed some carrots and the donks gathered around for a morning treat!
We emptied out the bag and made them very happy :)
Chris and I started getting all of our stuff packed up -- and it started to pour down rain
again :( He started taking our stuff to the car, and I looked out the camper window
to see the poor donks trapped out in the field, getting soaked. Donkeys are not
like horses, who have rain resistant coats. Donkeys usually take shelter when it rains.
So I felt bad for our donks, as they didn't quite make it back in time :( They were
standing like statues, with their ears completely horizontal, waiting for the rain to stop.
Once the rain finally stopped, I captured this one of Hilmy...completely soaked and miserable.
One last selfie in front of our cute little camper! We said goodbye to the donks
and headed into town for a bit. What an incredible experience!!!
We did some brief shopping, and had lunch at The Brewery. The we headed to a new
winery for us called Rancho Ponte. It was a very nice place, and the land surrounding
it was pretty. We enjoyed our time there!
Then we stopped at 4.0 and enjoyed some relaxing time in their rockers on
the shaded porch. A perfect way to end our time in Fredericksburg!
We had such a wonderful time in our favorite town!! We were sad to leave. But what a memory this will always be for me! That little camper was so adorable, and the time spent with the donks was the best. This was truly a magical gift for me!! Thank you to my amazing husband who somehow always gives the most thoughtful, creative, amazing gifts! Maybe someday soon we can visit Hondo, Hilmy, Nutty and Red! And meet Red's new baby donk!!

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