July 25, 2016

A Beautiful Summer Wedding

My sweet Jyl, a member of my Lead Generation team at work, married off her beautiful daughter over the weekend! We were blessed to witness it all!

Jyl, the Mother of the Bride, being walked down the aisle by her youngest son, Jayden.
The three flower girls were precious! Their skirts were so big -- so much tulle!!!
They also had cute laurel leaf crowns placed in their curls...
Savannah looked gorgeous! Her dress was so classy...slim satin, long lace
sleeves, gorgeous lace top. There were little buttons all the way down the back,
and a little train. And she topped it off with a long, dainty veil.
The ceremony was outside at the T&P, and though it was hot hot hot, they had little
hand fans for everyone. At one point, a train came by and the ceremony had to halt
for a few minutes...but that is the chance you take at this venue!
Savannah and Michael -- Mr. & Mrs. Young! The men looked so dapper in navy blue
suits and brown shoes. A few of the groomsmen had sunglasses on too!
The cake was very pretty...and tasted good too! It was white cake with
a white creamy filling. Mmm!
Me and my hot date! We took the opportunity to get all dolled up :)
The Marketing Girls!! We were all seated at Table 10 and enjoyed chatting.
Shaylee was actually a coordinator for Jyl, making sure the day's events stayed on task!
Heather, Jyl, Allison, Shaylee, and me..
I love my Jyl!!
Allison, Shaylee, moi
As per usual, we stayed until the cake was served and then headed out...before all the crazy dancing got into full swing! :) It was an enjoyable evening and it is always so nice to see love make a commitment before friends, family and God...Savannah and Michael have been together for about 8 years...all through high school and college! They are sweet together...

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