July 26, 2016

Last Night & Today


Last night, I:

:: finished our book, Ghost Boy, for book club! Just in the knick of time, since our get together is this Thursday! It was a good story, and it even ended up being an amazing love story, which was unexpected!

:: had a bad allergy night, after doing pretty good for days. I'm not sure what triggered it, but I was up around 2:00 was a severely runny nose. It took me about two hours to get it under control, and that involved some snoozing on my closet floor so I didn't disturb Chris (who had to get up early for a morning run)...

Today, I:

:: had my 6 month allergy check up (ironically!)...she and I discussed a few things. One, I have been using my rescue inhaler (I have allergy related asthma) at least once a day for awhile now...she decided that it is time for me to try Singulair, to regulate it and get me away from the rescue inhaler. I have not been having attacks, but I've been getting wheezy. Two, we talked about my night episodes where I have random allergy attacks that I can't get to stop. She thinks that the Singulair will help with that too, since I'll be taking it before bed. I'm excited to see how it helps.

:: ate a strawberry pop tart (yes, I'm way off my nutrition wagon)...it was yummy! I've enjoyed a few months now of crap food and am feeling it's almost time to tighten it back up again. Not a Whole 30. But I need to get some control. It's black and white for me...one end of the spectrum or the other...up 15 pounds or down 15 pounds. Help! I'm going to enjoy the retreat snacks this weekend, and then slowly reign it in starting next week.

:: watched some "Cesar 911" during my workout and am really enjoying that show a lot! He is so amazing with dogs. I would love for him to come to our house!!!!

:: was challenged to a game of corn hole after dinner :) Chris and I have been playing in the evenings once the sun starts to set, and it is so fun! We are getting pretty good! He beat me tonight, but it was a close game!

:: started gathering up some things to work on at my scrapbook retreat this weekend! So excited for two full days dedicated to creating!!!

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