July 24, 2016

Weekend Update

:: On Friday evenings, we usually eat dinner out...but, since we went out to Steak Night at The Mill on Thurday to say goodbye to Alex, we decided to eat in on Friday. We had a prepped meal -- salisbury steak and mashed potatoes and peas. Then we just had a relaxing evening after a busy week -- Chris and I even played corn hole and I beat him twice :)

:: Saturday morning, Chris got up and did his long run...I worked on a few things around the house and made the meal prep menu and grocery list. Once he was home and ready to go, we headed out for some errands together. We had our pool water tested and bought the acid it needed. We went to Lowes to get paint brushes and wasp killer and ant killer and bee killer and mouse traps. We live in the country, and all the rain we've had has all these critters out in full force. Blah! Then we had lunch at Double Daves and proceeded to do the grocery shopping. Then we made our way home. We had a few hours and then we got all pretty and went to a wedding! It was the daughter of one of our coworkers and it all turned out beautifully. Once we got home, we watched a cheesy kung fu movie called The Protector...and then called it a night.

:: Sunday, Chris was up early again for another long run...I did the meal prep for the week, did the laundry, and did some cleaning. Then we got in the pool and enjoyed some relaxing time together. We put the pups in and that turned out pretty good! Ocho doesn't mind it so much when he is in the water, but his swimming doesn't seem as natural and when he is out he wants to go right inside. Poppy seems to be getting the hang of it really well! We've let her progress to complete swimming on her own, and she swims to the bathing ledge and can stand there. She is doing great! Today she even got out, shook off, and then dried in the sun while laying on the lounge chair on some towels. That tells us she is relaxing more by the pool and that is a good thing!

:: Busy week ahead -- book club is Thursday evening, and the summer scrapbook retreat is at our house on Saturday and Sunday! Looking forward to it all!!

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