July 21, 2016

Steak Night and Farewell

Today seemed like a long day...but alas it is now over!

Chris and I worked out and now we are getting ready to go to The Mill for a little Goodbye celebration for our friend and coworker Alex. He is moving and taking on a new job. He's been fun to get to know so it is sad to see him go. But he has a bright future ahead! It is Steak Night at The Mill so that will be yummy yummy!

I received a book I ordered from Amazon today! It is all about having a successful Etsy shop and all the ins and outs. Can't wait to delve into it and learn some good things!

I also ordered another of my favorite candles. Yay!

Today was day four of my social media fast. It's going well. There are a lot of empty pockets in my day now that I've been able to fill with more beneficial things. Or even just some quiet. Quiet for the brain. I need a lot more of that.

Since we are going out to eat tonight we are going to stay in tomorrow evening and eat some Salisbury steak! And since we ate out Monday with Mimi we have an extra meal for Sunday too! Chris is gone two evenings next week so I won't be meal prepping quite as many meals.

Had my blood work done and will get results tomorrow! She said we may not see improvement yet since it has only been a month. But she wanted to make sure the medication isn't affecting my liver.

Ok off to dinner!!

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