July 20, 2016

Tshirts are in the Shop!

:: Tshirts are now available in the Etsy shop!! CLICK HERE or see the sidebar to head to the shop and take a look, if you are interested! They turned out really cute, and the shirts themselves are sooooo soft. I really like the Bella + Canvas brand!

:: I am officially done with Grey's...and now onto other things. I took some recommendations from people at work, but none of that was striking my fancy. Then I tried about 6 different shows and just wasn't feeling those either. I finally decided that I am going to watch Cesar 911 for awhile. Maybe not all seasons, but it will be a good change of pace. Cesar is The Dog Whisperer, and I really like him. And he knows so much about dogs...they are always good stories with good endings...so I am looking forward to it.

:: We are going to begin a group book study at work called, "How to Say Anything to Anyone"...the woman who wrote it is pretty funny and she does leadership videos that we watch sometimes. I am anticipating it to be a pretty good read!

:: Chris just got home from his intense treadmill workout, and we're having spaghetti with ground turkey and roasted broccoli/cauliflower for dinner.

:: Tomorrow I'll be getting my cholesterol blood work checked again...think good thoughts and say some prayers!

:: My Social Media Fast is going well...day two is nearly done, and my mind is feeling less cluttered. That's a good thing. It is definitely a difficult habit to break, and I find myself picking up my phone a lot...only to put it back down because there is nothing for me to do with it currently!!

It's time to go and enjoy the evening...

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