July 19, 2016


:: Tshirt tshirt tshirt!! I was able to deliver the preorder shirts today, and everyone just took one size up from what they ordered. I also shipped off the other preorder shirt to Colorado, to my friend Susan. I hope that everyone loves them! I think they are so fun! I hope this becomes a successful part of my shop because I would really enjoy doing more designs and having a larger stock with many to choose from. Fingers crossed! I'm working on getting everything entered into my shop now...it's a process, and photos had to be taken as well. Soon!

:: Tonight, in our meal prepped meals, we tried a new recipe! It was pretty tasty actually -- chicken, red potatoes and spinach with a parmesan sauce. I'll make a few adjustments next time...the potatoes cut into smaller chunks, the chicken cut up instead of a full breast...but I'll be making it again!

:: Currently I am watching the season finale of season 12 of Grey's -- this will have me current with where the show is now. It is quite intense!!!!!!!!!! And then when this is over I am going to fall into "show hole" -- 12 straight seasons and then nothing. What shall I watch next????? Any suggestions?? Something happy and upbeat would be nice! Grey's, though good, is HEAVY.

:: I'm off to Etsy!!!

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