July 18, 2016

Monday Tidbits

:: Monday Monday -- back to work. It was a fairly quiet day.

:: I decided, after feeling like God was giving me a little nudge, to take a social media break for a week. Sometimes it just feels...too much. Too. Much. So, no Facebook or Instagram for seven days. I feel better already, after just one day. We shall see how the week goes!

:: I received the initial order of tshirts that I made today!! He even delivered them to me, even better! They look soooo good and the Bella tshirt brand is sooo soft! Yay! I have a few pre-orders and I will get those handed out...then I will get the remaining shirts put into my Etsy shop and see how it goes! So excited!

:: After work today, Mimi invited us to meet her at Heff's for dinner, her treat! That was nice! We enjoyed our meal together and then headed home. Chris did a yoga workout and I rode the bike for about 25 minutes...whew it was hot!!! But it felt good to get out there.

:: Tomorrow I am going to have a little meeting with a friend at work who is interested in learning my meal prep ways! That will be fun...I learned from someone and I am happy to pay it forward with her. I'll run down the basic process and answer her questions...and then if she is interested, she may come over and witness the process as it unfolds.

:: Thursday, I will be having my blood work done so they can retest my cholesterol levels now that I have started on the cholesterol medication. We shall see how it has helped. Fingers crossed!!

:: For tonight, this is the end!

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